Lancashire Best Kept Village Competition


Lancashire VillageJudges come from all walks of life and from all over the county. They judge on a voluntary basis, giving freely of their time and do not receive any expenses. New judges are always required. If you would like further information, please contact the secretary.

Judging Criteria

What are the judges looking for?

The judges will take the following into consideration:

  • Overall Tidiness of the Village
    An absence of weeds and litter, on roads, paths, verges, verges, play areas and car parks. Well-maintained open spaces, playing fields and children's play areas.
  • Private Property
    Well cared for private properties, including the condition of grounds, hedges, walls, garages and other outbuildings.
  • Communal Buildings and Recreation Facilities
    The general tidiness and maintenance of village halls, libraries, health centres, toilets, monuments, war memorials, seats and litter bins will be assessed. The grounds associated with these features will be included and the safety of leisure features. The cleanliness of bus shelters and telephone kiosks will be assessed.
  • Commercial Premises and Surrounds
    The tidiness of all aspects of commercial premises and signs will be judged, i.e., shops, inns, restaurants, commercial and industrial premises and private clubs.
  • Places of Worship, Graveyards and Cemeteries
    The buildings, entrance gates, paths and notice boards will be assessed, plus the upkeep and maintenance of graveyards, cemeteries and grounds.

As a general consideration the judges will not be judging natural beauty but will be assessing the degree of effort that has been applied to maintaining the village in a satisfactory state. The judges will take into account any evidence that a special feature has been developed in the village.

The absence of any of the features listed will not penalise the village. A calculation will be made, taking account of any features that are absent, and the final marks will be adjusted accordingly.

All private property and schools will be judged from the road or footpath. The judges may take a closer look at public buildings and their surrounds but will not enter any property.


News: Latest

In spite of planning for the 2020 competition, due to Govt. measures to deal with Covid-19 virus pandemic there will be no Competiton this year. We expect to return in 2021 and will look forward to visiting competiton villages and assessing 'outstanding features' in 2021.

Presentation Event (2019) took place at The Villa 14th Oct where the winners were announced (2019 Results):
Champion Villages 2019:
◆ Champion Village: Higham
◆ Large Village: Freckleton
◆ Medium Village: Mawdesley
◆ Small Village: Bretherton
◆ Hamlet: Wiswell

Thanks to everyone who took part and for the time given by our Judges and Committee. A special thanks to John Gilmore of Radio Lancashire.

In 2019 the 'Constitution of the Competition' was updated and streamlined, simplifying all paperwork used by villages and judges; the Certificate of Merit part of the competition was overhauled, replaced by a secondary competition called 'Outstanding Features' - villages entering the main competition able to nominate up to 10 Outstanding Features of their village, and certificates awarded to the best in each class.


Other Information

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Did you know there are regional best kept village competitions across the United Kingdom?

Our thanks to our 2020 sponsors: Lancashire Life; Lancashire Association of Local Councils; Ribble Valley Borough Council, Lancashire Association of Local Councils, Eaves Hall, Preston & Fylde Live Magazine and James' Places. We are grateful too for the support of a number of Lancashire County Councillors.